Don’t hesitate when it comes to carrying Self Defense Weapons

It didn’t take much thought when it came to opening my store selling self defense weapons. You see, many years ago I was attacked and wasn’t given the opportunity to carry weapons at that time.  I only wish that they were as available then as they are now.  I am very passionate about what I sell.  I want to get the message out to all of those who aren’t carrying a self defense device so they can protect themselves in a better fashion than I was able to.

I know there are many out there who don’t think twice about their safety.  It’s not part of the everyday planning.  That’s understandable as I used to be that way also.  It took me being attacked and many years of getting through it to realize I needed to carry something. I now make sure I have my self defense spray attached to my keychain and carry it with me diligently.

There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t want to help yourself and ones around you with protection. With today’s laws in place that allow most of us to carry some sort of weaponry, it should be on everyone’s shopping list of things to buy.  There are only a handful of states that haven’t come on board, hopefully these states will change the way they think and allow the people who live in them to purchase protection devices.  I don’t say this just to throw it out there at you; I say it because I know what it’s like to be attacked with no means of protection to help me and especially in today’s world it’s become a crucial component of everyday living.

The self defense weapons available today are meant to do a job and they perform in the manner of which they have been designed.

Self defense spray is a small wonder in my opinion.  This device which comes in many styles, forms and sizes is a must have.  You can choose to carry one that is disguised as the Lipstick Pepper Spray or a Pen.  You may want a pepper spray that comes in a Keychain style which allows for you to have with you at all times.  You can also buy canister…

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