Do Heaven and Hell Actually Exist? “Snatched Up To Heaven”, a New Book by Jemima Paul, Ph.D. and Arvind Paul, Makes a Compelling Case

“Snatched Up To Heaven,” newly released from Christian Faith Publishing, is a true account of several dreams shared by young sisters Priyanka and Deepika, at four and two years of age, in which they visited heaven and hell. Their mother and book author, Jemima Paul, crafted the narrative in first-person based on the true stories they shared with her.

The book begins with a morning conversation between Priyanka and her mother during which she casually mentions that she and her sister had visited heaven during a dream the previous night. In the days that followed, the parents were amazed to discover that both daughters were having similar dreams filled with startling detail and deep theological concepts about eternity. Even more astounding was the girls’ ability to describe it all with remarkable clarity and boldness that belied their age and limited preschool vocabulary.

Throughout the story, the authors lay out thorough corroborating evidence for the girls’ testimonies in the form of Bible passages spanning both centuries and authors. The premise being – if alignment exists between the dreams of these young girls living in the 21st century and ancient Biblical writings, they validate one another and lay out compelling evidence of heaven and hell for the reader.

Two additional points to note that make this a fresh and engaging read. First, the authors spend little time defending the veracity of their daughters’ dreams, apart from Biblical cross-referencing. Instead, they invite each reader to examine the presented evidence and to form a personal conclusion. Second, while much of the narrative is themed on the afterlife, the book retains a practical approach, making the connection for the reader on how to live a life of eternal significance today.


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