Delaware Life Insurance Company Launches Income Solution to Address the Biggest Challenges Facing American Retirees

We are confident that this innovative product will help investors – and financial professionals – feel more confident when planning for a 30- or even 40-year retirement, said Wade Dokken.

For a married couple, both age 65, there is a 50% chance that one spouse will live to be 92. More critically, there is a 25% chance that one spouse will live to be 96*. This means that for 1 out of 4 couples, retirement savings need to last 30 years or more. While this data may come as a surprise, research shows that Americans are well aware of the longevity risk they face during retirement – as a full 70% of retirees have a greater fear of outliving their money than death itself**.

Guaranteed lifetime income is the challenge, and we are pleased to announce Delaware Life is once again meeting this challenge head-on through the development of consumer-driven, innovative, retirement products. A new offering, Delaware Life Target Income 10℠ fixed index annuity, is a retirement solution specifically designed for retirees seeking principal protection, growth, and lifetime streams of income.

“With the viability of private pensions and even Social Security coming into question, we realize that Americans need a retirement vehicle that will provide guaranteed streams of income that cannot be outlived. Most importantly, this income needs to be safe, dependable and protected from market volatility. This concept was the core tenet to our development of the Target Income 10℠ fixed index annuity,” said Dan Buermann, Director of Product and Business Development at Delaware Life.

WealthVest, a financial services distribution firm with a nationwide footprint, will be supporting the Target Income 10℠ launch through a blend of financial professional education, client seminars, and operational support.

“We could not be more pleased to be supporting the launch of the Target Income 10℠ annuity, a solution which so beautifully addresses the biggest challenges facing American retirees. We are confident that this innovative product will help investors – and financial professionals – feel more confident when planning for a 30- or even 40-year retirement,” added Wade Dokken, President, and Co-Founder of WealthVest.

Retirees interested in learning more about the Target Income 10℠ fixed index annuity are encouraged to speak with their financial professional. Financial professionals interested in using the product within their practice can reach the Delaware Life Sales Desk directly by dialing 855-478-3673.

About Delaware Life

Delaware Life manages approximately 342,000 in-force annuity and life insurance policies representing $36.6 billion in assets under management and $14.1 billion of invested assets as of September 30, 2017. Delaware Life Insurance Company is authorized to transact business in all states (except New York), the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and is a member of Group One Thousand One.

About WealthVest

WealthVest is a financial services firm specializing in the distribution of high-quality fixed and indexed annuity products from top rated insurance carriers. WealthVest designs, markets, and distributes these essential products throughout the nation and is squarely focused on developing products with the highest consumer value.

WealthVest was founded in 2009 by former CEO of American Skandia, Wade Dokken, and former CEO of Hartford Life Limited, Europe, Lincoln Collins. From the beginning, the company has provided financial professionals with exceptional field and phone support, effective sales training materials, thorough coaching, and the highest quality products.

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**WealthVest. Retirement Realities Study (Bozeman, MT. WealthVest, 2015).

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