Debt Calculator Launched By National Debt Relief

there are a lot of consumers who are unable to get a even a mental picture of their overall debt obligation

A debt calculator that consumers can use to plan out their monthly payments was recently launched by National Debt Relief. The article titled “National Debt Relief’s New, FREE Debt Calculator!” and released August 30, 2017 aims to help people in debt who want to get a better overview of their debt payments.

The article starts off by pointing out that there are a lot of consumers who are unable to get a even a mental picture of their overall debt obligation. This is a precarious situation to be in and one that National Debt Relief aims to address with the release of the debt calculator. This makes it easier for consumers to figure out their debt situation.

The article explains that the calculator simply needs three important data to be able to help consumers figure out their present debt scenario and be able to map out their personalized debt repayment landscape. One of these are their unsecured debts. These are their financial obligations that are not tied down to a collateral. The most common example of this would be credit cards.

The average interest rate is another data consumers need to input into the debt calculator. The article shares that interest rates are usually the ones that makes debt payments a challenge to deal with. The debt calculator would need the average interest rate on all unsecured debt.This is simply done by adding all the interest rates and dividing them up divided by the number of debt accounts they represent.

The article also explains the consumers would have to put in their desired program length. This basically means how many months they want to look into to be able to manage their debt completely. After all these, the article also shares how consumers can interpret the results to help them get a better understanding of their debt situation.

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