Debt Affects Credit Scores As Explained By National Debt Relief

debt plays an important and crucial role in calculating [their] credit scores

Debt ripples out to multiple areas in a person’s financial life and National Debt Relief explains how it affects credit scores. The recent article titled “How Your Debt Impacts Your Credit Score” published August 3, 2017 aims to help consumers understand this correlation better in order for them to make better and informed financial decisions.

The article starts off by explaining how debt plays an important and crucial role in calculating their credit scores. More than the payment history, the way people manage their debt largely affects their credit report and score. This is why it is important they people manage their debt not only to pay it off quickly but to help improve their credit standing as well.

The article shares that consumers need to know what credit utilization is and how it affects their credit score. The article explains that this is simply the ratio of balance to credit limit. This is mostly used when looking at credit card debt. The idea is that consumers need to keep this ratio as low as possible to prevent any negative effects on their score.

It is also important that people understand that they types of debt they carry also affects their credit score. The article explains that it is advisable to maintain a healthy mix of different types of debt. This is not to say that consumers need to go and take out debts on purpose but having varied debt types such has a positive effect on their score.

The article also shares additional tips to help people increase their credit scores. As consumers now understand how their debt affects their financial standing, is is also important that they be able to make to find other ways to get a positive score. The higher their score is, the more consumers will get to enjoy its benefits.

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