CyberSponse Proud to Announce Integration with Elastic for Security Analytics

Autonomous security operations, high-speed qualification and analysis are the future of our fight against cybercrime and data security.

CyberSponse, Inc., the global leader in Security Orchestration Automation and Response is proud to announce an innovative and sophisticated integration with Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack (see Solution Brief). This integration creates a combined solution set that leverages Elasticsearch, advanced alert capabilities from Elastic, and CyOps playbooks. It creates an incident response framework that enables automated triaging, investigations, and remediations leading to rapid response for security-based alerts. This integration aims to solve the greatest combined problem in security: alert overload and the limitation of personnel resources.

The Elastic-CyberSponse integration solves this problem through machine learning, high speed data and most importantly, security orchestration and automation. Autonomous incident response is the future of cybersecurity. The sheer quantity of alerts, effort, and tools to manage today is daunting, difficult and overwhelming for any organization. These issues also contribute to high turnover, probability of human error, increased security risks, and much more.

Today, the Security Incident & Event Management market is plagued with outdated and difficult product solutions to manage. The Elastic Stack provides a scalable, real-time, and flexible platform to store, analyze, and alert against security events, while CyberSponse provides the first fully-integrated automated playbooks and case management solutions.

With over 150 out of the box connectors, dozens of playbooks and its soon to be released free community edition, CyberSponse is aggressively aiming to open source the entire playbook marketplace. Offering open source workflows and building the first and only product-agnostic incident response community, CyberSponse is proud to support the popular Incident Response Consortium.

“CyberSponse and Elastic have demonstrated the ability to eliminate the painful role of finding, retaining and relying on Tier One security operations responders. With playbooks operating alert qualification, analysis and low-level remediation, CyberSponse and Elastic increase the security posture and maturity of any organization through reliable and repeatable playbook driven operations. Autonomous security operations, high-speed qualification and analysis are the future of our fight against cybercrime and data security. I am confident that our relationship with Elastic will change the entire SIEM marketplace altogether.” Says Larry Johnson, CEO at CyberSponse. Ultimately this integration will accelerate incident response, remediation, and big data ingestion by bringing together two of the most scalable technologies at a fraction of the costs of other lesser performing vendors.

About CyberSponse

CyberSponse is the only patented automated incident response platform that fills the gap between automation-only and human dependent security organizations. The CyberSponse Operations Platform permits the automation of hundreds of security tools within an incident management, case management and analysis console for easy use and rapid deployment. CyberSponse is backed by a team of self-made entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the security industry with true grit, hard work, hustle and last focused execution. For more information visit CyberSponse or follow us on Twitter.

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