CyberSponse Announces Full Integration with RSA Archer

CyberSponse, the leader in case management, security orchestration and automation, continues to expand its inter-tehnology collaboration and is proud to announce its completion of the interoperability certification process with RSA Archer, culminating with a full integration of the product within the CyberSponse Platform.

CyberSponse’s latest integration with RSA Archer will help incident responders and analysts to quickly identify and respond to a greater number of cyber threats, without an increase in tasks and workload. By combining the capabilities of the RSA Archer Platform with the CyberSponse Platform, incident responders can streamline their enterprise and network compliance with organization-implemented risk and compliance programs including their varying capabilities, methodologies and taxonomy.

CyberSponse continues to develop hundreds of integrations to continue to offer incident responders with the ultimate Platform interoperability and technological collaboration. The latest RSA Archer integration is one of many integrations and connectors currently available in the CyberSponse Connector Store, an accomplishment that CyberSponse takes pride in.

“Integrating with RSA Archer is a big win, not only for CyberSponse and RSA, but for SOC analysts everywhere,” stated Joseph Loomis, Founder and CTO of CyberSponse. “The orchestration of the two platforms will increase SOC efficiency and allow for even greater incident response capabilities without an increase in tasks or operator fatigue, further fortifying CyberSponse’s presence as the ultimate enterprise automation and orchestration platform on the market.”

More information on CyberSponses’ “RSA Ready” designation and integrations can be found at

About CyberSponse:

CyberSponse Inc, a global leader in cybersecurity automation & orchestration, simplifies organization’s processes and helps security operations teams and incident responders move effectively and efficiently through the incident response lifecycle. The CyberSponse platform enables organizations to seamlessly integrate, automate and playbook their security tools, enabling better, faster and more effective security operations. For more information, visit

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