Cure4Humanity Inc. Awarded Global Commercial Exclusive License to Proprietary Fossil-Free Energy Developed by U.S. Naval Skunk Works

“C4H has pledged to construct 100 Water&Power Stations in Puerto Rico after the devastation from Hurricane Maria,” says Martin Luther King III, C4H Global Ambassador.

The socially responsible organization, Cure4Humanity Inc. (C4H) recently signed a 10-year global exclusive commercial license to power the company’s four commercial infrastructure technologies and services in 180 countries and island nations. The proprietary magnetic energy was designed from an army engineer’s 12kW model in the late 1960’s, when he was recruited by the U.S. Naval Skunk Works Project. 30+ Quantum Physicists, Engineers and Specialists developed a fully operational 250kW underground magnetic energy system in 1976. Today the technology powers 900+ U.S. Deep Military Underground Bunkers worldwide.

Cure4Humanity was awarded the commercialized license from the original inventor’s private trust, who required a clause in the Naval Skunk Works agreement that a public version would become available in the future. In 1985, the application was denied, but approved in 2014 with advanced models ranging from 10kW to 250kW, scalable to megawatts. In 2015, C4H began negotiations with the private trust lasting more than 2 years before the global exclusive agreement was signed October 20, 2017.

The central discussion in the negotiations focused on the C4H newly invented Water&Power Stations®. Approximately the size of a local Gas Station, this facility pumps fresh drinking water from Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG), each harvesting 10,000L (2,640 gallons) nightly. The remaining 16-hours of available power recharges up to 800 C4H Portable AC Power Units with 4 AC outlets each, available weekly to local homes and business. All Rural C4H Water&Power Stations start with 4 AWG’s (40,000L nightly) plus 6 additional C4H Power Bunkers underground supplying to new businesses built in close proximity to the property. City W&P Stations can be scalable to 20 Power Bunkers and 20 AWG’s (200,000L daily) and able to provide electricity off-grid to 25,000 homes and businesses weekly.

C4H is now launching its global channel focused on joint ventures with energy companies in 180 countries and island nations to build thousands of C4H Water&Power Stations annually. “C4H has pledged to construct 100 Water&Power Stations in Puerto Rico after the devastation from Hurricane Maria;” says Martin Luther King III, C4H Global Ambassador.

The company is also accepting applications from Solar and Wind companies wanting to become Certified C4H Power Partners to earn 20% of all metered revenue from Stations built adjacent to existing or future businesses needing electricity or to save money off-grid. Solar and Wind production requires multiple acres of land; where C4H Stations have a smaller footprint and can install many 250kW systems, each operating inside a 40-foot Anti-EMP deflection cement enclosure. This option allows developers to build on the land without water or electricity. By 2030, the company forecasts more than 100,000 C4H W&P Stations that will be able to provide local fresh drinking water and off-grid electricity to more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. For more information, visit or


Cure4Humanity is a technology, science and engineering company invented the ability to provide local water, energy, robotic intelligent indoor organic farming and affordable safe housing, regardless of region or climate. Solar, Wind and other Energy companies can apply to become a Certified C4H Partner Media interviews with C4H Executives available in Los Angeles, London, Mumbai, Brisbane, Jakarta & Knoxville.

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