Credico South Africa Celebrate as Credico United Soar to Success

Our industry is highly competitive, and it takes dedication and passion to succeed. These attributes transfer perfectly to the sports arena and are driving Credico United’s success.’

The month of June has been hugely positive for Credico South Africa’s Soccer team, Credico United, with the side making significant leaps towards a successful season. Kicking off the month, the sales and marketing agency’s squad won their first game against the Reds, scoring an impressive 12 goals in the opening game while also welcoming a new addition to their team. Sailing through to the second game of the season, Credico United went on to win again, with the agency’s General Manager scoring a significant goal and contributing substantially to the side already hitting the charts at this early stage of the season.

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With the agency’s team flying high, Credico South Africa is adamant that their winning streak is a result of their love for the game, and the skills they have learnt working in the sales and marketing sector. The agency is confident that the skills needed to succeed in sport overlap those that lead to business success and is sure that possessing these skills is giving them a fantastic advantage over the competing teams.

Credico South Africa is a community of ambitious professionals, all of which have invested heavily in building their skill sets to reach immense success. This same winning mentality has been put into practice on the pitch and helped the Credico Untied players to focus on perfecting the skills needed to win and dedicate their time and energy to forming an unbeatable team.

The agency believes that possessing core business skills such as the…

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