Credico Australia React to National Population Increase

‘While the needs of consumers are changing, the desire for personalised, meaningful communication will never fall out of favour, and we believe it to be the best way to form lasting connections with people of all ages and backgrounds’.

Last week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) population clock ticked over to 24.5 million, meaning that at the present rate, the country is welcoming an additional net person every one minute and 22 seconds. If this rate continues, Australia will hit a population boom of 25 million by October next year.

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This increase has sparked fresh debate about immigration in Australia, especially in the aftermath of the Governments plans to change the 457 Visa system. The ABS estimated that in Australia there’s a birth every one minute and 40 seconds, a death ever three minutes and 18 seconds and a gain of one international migration every two minutes and 18 seconds, resulting in the overall one person increase every one minute and 22 seconds.

While this figure may concern some, especially regarding international migration, Credico Australia believes the current population gain to be highly beneficial to businesses. As specialists in field marketing and outsourced sales, Credico Australia has recognised the huge market advantage a population increase can create. “In marketing terms, a population increase, especially one that involves migration builds a more varied and vibrant audience for businesses to cater to; this opens up so much opportunity for growth, innovation and getting under the skin of new consumer needs, which if done well could be incredibly lucrative,” stated a spokesperson for Credico Australia.

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