County of Ulster in New York Implements Infolinx WEB™ for Advanced Records Management

Infolinx System Solutions

Today Infolinx System Solutions™, a leading provider of enterprise physical records management software, announced the implementation of Infolinx WEB™ for the County of Ulster in New York.

With Infolinx, Ulster County can efficiently manage records across several departments throughout the county, including the records series, invoice history, record types, and authorizations for each. With detailed meta-data assigned at multiple levels, along with the ability to track records at both the file and the box levels, the county has enhanced their records and information management capabilities.

The application for Ulster County features advanced retention and legal holds functionality, supporting an unlimited number of time or event-based retention schedule record series, along with extensive support for end-of-life disposition processes including workflow based email notifications and electronically signed disposition approvals.

The new space management capability enables Ulster County to proactively manage available warehouse space via the Infolinx application. This feature allows users to identify and allocate open spaces for incoming inventory, as well as analyze space usage trends, providing insight into future facility needs.

With the added billing component, the county can automatically track both storage and activity based charges associated with centralized records.

In addition to deepened integrations with Microsoft SharePoint and Iron Mountain IM Link, the latest features of Infolinx WEB 3.5 include digital content management, multiple language support, extended search capabilities, and configurable user-level email notifications to streamline in-app communication between users.

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