Copyright Protection for your music and songs

Copyright protection is a necessary step that should not be avoided by entrepreneurs. However, there are some common misunderstandings that need to be addressed before engaging copyright services. Foremost amongst these is that getting your work copyright protected has little to with the copyright office. This is explained in the information booklet, “Copyright Basics” (page 3) by the Copyright Office: “The way in which copyright protection is secured is frequently misunderstood. No registration or other action in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright.”

The moment a song or music is finalized and retained in physical form, an automatic process starts to secure a song copyright. Whether you first pen down the music and/or words on paper, or tape, or digital file, or first record them onto a CD, copyright protection is initiated. Copyright office need not be pursued for any such measure nor any copyright notice, needs to be put up anywhere.

Things could become a little complicated as being secured with copyright protection is not the same as proving it. Carrying proof of having automatic copyright is important, in other words! Registration of copyright is the one step which ensures it.

 A public record is made when you register your copyright. Copyright could be registered with two authorities: it could be registered with the copyright office or a private registration service could be approached for such purpose. Both these guarantee a public record of your work through which the date of your song copyright could be proved.

It is very easy to protect your songs. Care should be taken however to approach only the independent registration service, either the copyright office, or a reputed private entity, like, to register your songs.

Copyright infringement is a serious matter which needs attention. In case you want to sue someone for a song written in the US, the song needs to be filed with the copyright office before the…

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