Converting Customers Starts With First Impressions

In any business, your first impression with a potential customer is your most important interaction. From here, they can develop a sense of who you are and if they can see themselves doing business with you. First impressions are formed within the first few minutes (and even within seconds) or your first interactions. Getting this first impression right or wrong can dictate how you are perceived from that point moving forward.

First impressions can cover lots of things – your website home page, your office lobby, your landscaping outside the building, and so much more. All these factors weigh in on how someone perceives you. In order to increase your chances of converting more of your contacts into customers, you need to excel at first impressions. The best way to attack this is to start at the beginning and work your way through your process all the way up to the actual contact with the potential client.

Take a website for instance. If your pages load slowly, then chances are, visitors will close the page down before even seeing your content. If they do see it, it needs to have a certain level of professionalism, the right message, and have the right “look and feel”. These initial factors determine whether or not visitors will stay on your website long enough to find what they want or learn about your business. If they do stay, there is a greater chance they will contact you.

Your business’s storefront or property is much the same way. When people approach your property, they instantly develop their first impressions. A clean, well-manicured landscape portrays professionalism and attention to detail. If things are a little out of place or overgrown, it can take away from how they perceive their first impression. Going further, when they enter your building or office, everything from lighting to scents can trigger positive or negative emotions. A well-lit, clean smelling office can trigger positive emotions. The sense of smell triggers very strong memories, and…

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