Comet ‘bigger than dinosaur killer could destroy Earth by 2030, says author Graham Hancock | Science | News

Former journalist Graham Hancock suggests a huge chunk of flaming rock up to 30kms wide, hidden in a comet stream, could hit Earth with devastating effects in just 13 years.
Mr Hancock, a former east Africa correspondent for the Economist, publishes the theory in his latest book Magicians of the Gods, claiming that it proved “beyond reasonable doubt” that a sophisticated civilisation was all but wiped off the face of the our planet by chunks of the same comet between 11,600 and 12,800 years ago.
In the book, he alarmingly claims his research shows Earth could again pass through the same section of the trail of comet Encke, containing the up to 20-mile wide monster in 2030.
Mr Hancock has been ridiculed as a pseudo scientist by mainstream archaeologists who dismissed his research of more than 20 years.
But, now a separate scientific study has backed his claim that the devastating comet may have struck Earth nearly 13,000 years ago.
It is now hoped that his doomsday prediction about 2030 is not as accurate.
Every year the Earth passes the Taurid meteor showers in October and November, but in 2030, Mr Hancock says we will pass the same part of the stream that caused the cataclysmic comet strike nearly 13,000 years ago.
He wrote: “The debris stream of the comet is still on an orbit that crosses the orbit of the Earth.
“Astronomers believe that a 20-mile wide dark fragment of the original giant comet remains hidden within the debris stream and poses a clear and present danger to all life on Earth.”
Mr Hancock first wrote 20 years ago in Fingerprints of the Gods his theory that an ancient civilisation, including the occupants of the legendary Atlantis, were devastated by comet parts striking the planet nearly 13,000 years ago.

His book was panned by scientists as pseudo archaeology, but went onto to sell 9million copies and become a Sunday Times bestseller.
US geologist Paul Heinrich wrote at the time: “Rather than stumbling upon an archaeological mystery, he has merely created…

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