Cognis Group Adds Futurist Expert to Panel of Speakers at the 2018 Synapse Innovation Summit.

The Cognis Group, an international innovation consultancy specializing in Foresight, IP Strategy, and Commercialization announces their participation in the 2018 Synapse Florida Innovation Summit (, March 28-29, 2018 at the Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL.

Michael Vidikan, head of the Cognis Group’s Foresight Center of Excellence, leads the team delivering timely and provocative emerging technology and consumer foresight research through custom engagements and curated reports, helping organizations see 5, 10 or even 25 years into the future to make better business decisions today.

Michael will host the following Summit breakout sessions on Wednesday March 28th:

The Future of The Connected Home, IoT(Internet of Things) Tech Pavilion

Technologies and key drivers that will lead consumers to build the smart home of the future.

The Psychology Behind Technology Adoption, TBA Breakout

Learn about the key drivers that lead some technologies to be adopted faster than others.

Michael Vidikan shares, “Through an ongoing examination of consumer needs and values—and the emerging technologies that can help to fulfill these needs—we see common principles that explain why people adopt some technologies faster than others. We’ll explore these principles to help explain what are the underlying needs that consumers will seek out in products and services over the next decade. Participants will come away with a more informed understanding of their consumer’s needs relating to technology and advice on how to position technology offerings in the marketplace.”

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Cognis Group, based in the US and UK, provides organizations around the world with the business intelligence and experience they need to make important innovation decisions with confidence. With 20 years of foresight, intellectual property research, and commercialization experience, Cognis provides innovation intelligence services to large Fortune 500/1000 companies, research universities, institutions, and technology owners.

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