CodeHS Announces First Online Blended K12 Cybersecurity Course and Professional Development

With the CodeHS cybersecurity course, we are preparing students with crucial skills to be responsible citizens in a digital future.

CodeHS is excited to announce the first online blended K12 cybersecurity course, along with online professional development. This course will be available for for free to schools worldwide in fall of 2018 and professional development will be available for teachers in summer of 2018.

“In a technology-driven world, coding is now a foundational skill, just like reading and writing. From the Equifax hack, to ransomware, to Wannacry, to election hacking, to data breaches from massive companies, cybersecurity is a topic that isn’t going away–it’s only going to become more important. With the CodeHS cybersecurity course we are preparing students with crucial skills to be responsible citizens in a digital future,” says Jeremy Keeshin, CEO and co-founder of CodeHS.

The CodeHS cybersecurity course will cover foundational topics in a fun and friendly way for students including networking fundamentals, software security, and basics of cryptography, all through the CodeHS web-based platform. The professional development course will prepare teachers to teach this course, which will all be aligned to CSTA standards.

To learn more about the course and professional development, please contact hello(at)codehs(dot)com. A preview of the course will be available in spring 2018 for beta-testing.

About CodeHS

CodeHS is a comprehensive teaching platform for helping schools teach computer science by providing web-based curriculum, teacher tools and resources, and professional development. There are over 500,000 students using the platform and 7,000 classrooms on CodeHS every month. CodeHS has over ten years of free computer science curriculum for grades 6 to 12.

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