ClickReady Marketing Introduces Enhanced Marketing Automation

ClickReady Marketing is excited to provide its customers dozens of new digital marketing capabilities through SharpSpring marketing automation. In addition to behavioral-based email marketing campaigns, the software provides analytics that help create better landing pages, on-site forms, and visitor tracking.

“We’re really enthusiastic about what this new SharpSpring software is going to mean for our customers,” says ClickReady Marketing’s CEO, Craig Lawson. “Not only will it give them more visibility on who’s visiting their website, it also provides the ability to market directly to those people in a more detailed, customized way than we’ve seen anywhere else.” SharpSpring’s marketing automation adds to ClickReady’s growing list of digital solutions including SEO, web design, PPC marketing and more.

A furniture store, for example,” explains Lawson, “will have the ability to track potential customers on its website and see exactly what they were looking at. From there, they can send pointed emails with specific messages relevant to that particular customer.” In addition to on-site visitor tracking, one of the primary functions of SharpSpring’s software is targeted email campaigning. Says Lawson, “Imagine being able to send an old customer an email saying, “Hey Jamie, we missed you and we know you always liked our children’s shoes in the past. Here’s a coupon for 15% off kids’ shoes on the site.”

SharpSpring is built to provide agencies like ClickReady with enhanced tracking and automation tools. Dynamic forms, third party CRM capability, and fully customized ROI reports allow marketers a better look inside which efforts are working best. “ClickReady customers who want to utilize the software can be as hands-on as they want to be,” says Lawson. “They can login and…

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