Chinese Leaders’ Visits to USA

President Hu Jintao is paying a four-day visit to Washington, the United States as the reaction to the US President Obama’s invitation to talk about a raft of issues. In 2006, President Hu Jintao came to the United States when President Goerge W. Bush was on the administrative operation. Since Beijing and Washington signed diplomatic ties in 1979, seven Chinese leaders have formally visited Washington.


Deng Xiaoping: January 29, 1979

The first leader of China to visit Washington, D.C, the United States was Chinese vice-premier Deng Xiaoping on January 29, 1979. The meeting between China’s leader Deng Xiaoping and President Jimmy Carter has put improvements on economy and technology.

On this occasion, Deng Xiaoping paid a visit to Nasa, Ford and Boeing.


Premier Zhao Ziyang: January 1984

Premier Zhao Ziyang came to the White House in January 1984 and signed technology deals with President Ronald Reagan.

Premier Zhao Ziyang was the second Chinese leader to visit the United States.


President Li Xiannian: 1985

In 1985, Chinese President Li Xiannian followed the footstep to come to the United States and meets with US President Ronald Reagan.

Two leaders signed co-operation deal on technology for nuclear power generation


President Jiang Zemin: 1997

Then, the break lasted until 1997 when President Jiang Zemin paid a state visit to the USA. On his speech titled “Enhance Mutual Understanding and Strengthen Friendship and Co- operation” in Harvard University, Chinese leader expresses his appreciation to friendship and co-operation between the peoples of China and the United States.



President Jiang Zemin paid a state visit to the USA in 1997.


President Jiang: 1999

At the invitation of US President Clinton, Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji went to the USA on April 6-14, 1999 while China was seeking entry into the World Trade Organisation. President Bill Clinton signed a joint statement to support China on this affair.

Chinese President Jiang and…

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