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While Hollywood celebrities do seem to live pretty lavish lifestyles and are not prone to being grounded in the reality most of us ‘regular’ people are forced to deal with, I have to say I feel sorry for what they’re regularly subjected to in the celebrity news magazines.

For example, there’s a young blond celebrity who seemed to be having some mental challenges, following a very public breakup and divorce, shaving her head and behaving in other bizarre ways. You probably know who this celebrity is, but I can’t tell the difference between them ” there’s lots of young, blond celebrities behaving badly. Anyway, in the case of this particular young woman, the celebrity news magazines caught her every movement on tape, from walking the dog to trying to cover her face, in tears, as she entered her limousine. If she were just an ordinary non-celebrity, no one would have paid a scrap of attention. The non-celebrity would be whisked off by her parents to a psychologist to, hopefully, address the problems.

Being a celebrity must be like living in a fish bowl, surrounded by lights and cameras, wielded by the paparazzi, hopeful of a big paycheck for their scoop photo. That sort of attention would drive me to a hermitage! Ethical behavior is certainly not the purview of the celebrity news magazine staff members.

Celebrity rumors and possible scandals are their mainstay. Who doesn’t remember vicious rumors started by high school enemies, without any substance or truth to be found? Sure, some of these celebrity rumors, published in celebrity news magazines and then spread in celebrity forums and celebrity blogs, might eventually prove to be true. However, most ultimately prove to be untrue, or, at best, exaggerated spins. I suppose that’s one of the pitfalls of becoming a celebrity. You’re vulnerable in so many ways we ordinary people are not.

In a word, ‘celebrities exposed’ is the mission statement of many of the celebrity news magazines. If nothing negative can yet be found, the celebrity is primed for future issues with pieces on celebrity fashion trends, hairstyles, celebrity choices in makeup and the current crop of celebrity diets. Such pieces introduce their readership to the celebrity in question, with name recognition as the goal. The photo files build into a substantial collection. As soon as Mr. or Ms. Celebrity takes a misstep, the bigger the better, the celebrity news magazine has a cover story.

Politicians are also easy targets in the rumor and scandal mill. These tend to revolve around marital infidelities. You’ve got to wonder how big of a staff of legal professionals are retained by the celebrity news magazines!

Even the celebrity look-alikes gain a huge amount of attention. It makes a great story for the readers, without much risk for the publishers of the celebrity news magazines. These humor pieces are hard for anyone to resist enjoying and it’s hard to sue someone for doing an impersonation, as was the case with Sarah Palin and Tina Fey. Hey, I must agree this type of entertainment value is rich. Who will ever forget I can see Russia from my back yard!, or I pretty much read whatever’s lying around … I’ll get back to you on that, during Katie Couric’s clever interview.

You couldn’t pay me enough to be a celebrity! I’ll have to admit that the celebrity news magazines probably provide a glimmer of entertainment in a world in dire straights.

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