Celebrating 10 Years of Success in Specialty Chemical & Ingredient Distribution

The Power of 10

Through the cultivation of new partnerships, we are happy to say we continue to use this innovative organization to provide value to customers and suppliers across a multitude of industry segments.

Brenntag Specialties, Inc. celebrates 10 years of success in specialty chemical and ingredient distribution throughout the United States.

In 2007, Brenntag Specialties changed the way specialty chemicals and ingredients were supplied to the United States market. Brenntag set a new standard by creating the first national technical sales and service platform to provide additional long-term value to our customers and suppliers focusing on the ACES (Adhesives, Coatings, Elastomers, Solvents), Personal Care, Food & Nutrition, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Brenntag North America transformed two premier specialty companies, ChemTech Specialties, Inc. and Mineral and Pigment Solutions, Inc. into the organization known today as Brenntag Specialties. The Brenntag Specialties’ team began with 110 employees and 18 locations offering a broad product portfolio produced by the world’s leading specialty manufacturers. Today, with 52 supply partners servicing over 4,000 customers, our team successfully manages one of the broadest product portfolios in the marketplace spanning Life Sciences and Material Sciences.

“Through the cultivation of new partnerships, we are happy to say we continue to use this innovative organization to provide value to customers and suppliers across a multitude of industry segments,” says Stephen Brauer, President of Brenntag Specialties. Brenntag Specialties thrived over the years expanding their services to the Rubber, Construction, HI&I (Household, Industrial, & Institutional), and Nutraceutical industries.

The Brenntag Specialties team has grown continuously and today operates five regional customer service centers and 25 warehouses across the United States. As we continue to meet and exceed customers’ expectations, four application laboratories were added to perform analytical testing and formulation assistance for the ACES, Construction, Food & Nutrition, and Personal Care markets.

Working alongside the Brenntag Specialties’ team is a group of dedicated inside sales and marketing specialists, known as the Brenntag Solutions Group (BSG). “The ‘Solutions Group’ is a value-added business unit playing a vital role in gathering market intelligence, providing key information to supply partners, qualifying leads for sales, and initiating new product launches to customers,” says Brauer.

Brenntag Specialties strives to provide the highest quality specialty chemicals and ingredients with value-added services to exceed the expectations of our large global to small local customers and suppliers.

About Brenntag:

Brenntag, the global market leader in chemical distribution, covers all major markets with its extensive product and service portfolio. Headquartered in Essen, Germany, the company operates a global network with more than 550 locations in 74 countries. In 2016, the company, which has a global workforce of around 15,000 employees, generated sales of EUR 10.5 billion (USD 11.6 billion). Brenntag connects chemical manufacturers and chemical users. The company supports its customers and suppliers with tailor-made distribution solutions for industrial and specialty chemicals. With over 10,000 products and a world-class supplier base, Brenntag offers one-stop-shop solutions to around 185,000 customers. This includes specific application technology, extensive technical support and value-added services such as just-in-time delivery, product mixing, formulation, repackaging, inventory management and drum return handling. Long-standing experience and local excellence in the individual countries characterize the global market leader for chemical distribution.

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