Cardano open source + Compulsory Reserve Mechanism + Comreme Algorithm + Regulate Contract = 3rd blockchain names CryptoKami

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To maintain and develop human freedoms, it is necessary to create a system of inheritance and eliminate the weak points of the two systems – Hiroshi Kobayashi – Founder

The CryptoKami platform is built with KAMI Token. It has potential for strong, sustainable growth with both time and frequency of use due to the excellent application of the confidence rule, combined with simple supply and demand for monetary control. CryptoKami is a standalone blockchain system similar to Ethereum, but created specifically for the next financial ICOs . It is set to become the first Blockchain Reserve System to target the KAMI Token in the top 10 Coimarketcap’s for 2 years.

The question is, is it possible? CryptoKami’s mission is to promote and support the CryptoKami platform and base layer research, including development and education, to bring KAMI token to life, creating the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Building the ecosystem on the CryptoKami platform, where financial service businesses balance cash flow due to transparent scientific mechanism, CryptoKami have core technology is compulsory reserve mechanism (Comreme Algorithm – CryptoKami’s invention) through Regular Contract (CryptoKami’s invention) to regulate SUPPLY-DEMAND of KAMI tokens for the next financial ICO investment and its repo borrowing, deposit, crypto trading, Future trading. The demand for using KAMI Token is always diversified and surpasses the limited supply, this situation creates a Self-growth engine for KAMI token for both of short term, medium and long term. Innovative business models combined with core technology that are based on the legacy of the most advanced financial services models in the crypto or traditional market create a strong business community, institutional investors as well as individual investors.

CryptoKami’s technology is stands apart from the rest . All of ‘’blue chip’’ cryptocurrency, such as BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, STELLAR, MINOTA, focus their technology on transaction processing . However, Cryptokami technology and KAMI token now focus on regulating cryptocurrency by Compulsory Reserve Mechanism (Comreme Algorithm) through Regulate Contract, allowing microfinance operations to reach out to all global human capital and investment safely and with better control. CrytoKami now likely FED for world class financial service and crypto market.

On CryptoKami’s ecosystem, KAMI is SUPPLY limited to 210M KAMI token, but KAMI is used for various DEMAND. KAMI is used for the next financial ICOs, future trading, Crypto trading, staking, staking extra, deposit and credits, and for compulsory reserve. As CryptoKami has Compulsory Reserve Mechanism (Comreme Algorithm) that working through Regulate Contract, the mechanism requiring a reserve limit will effectively protect investors, users, and traders. At the same time, the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism will regulate the supply and demand through Regulate Contract for KAMI tokens so this mechanism creates a SELF-GROWTH ENGINE for KAMI tokens, which should ensure sustainable value growth in both the short and long term.

KAMI token will have a finite supply, but the need for coexistence on the CryptoKami ecosystem with the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism (Comreme Algorithm) through Regulate Contract creates a Self-growth engine that affect the increasingly value of KAMI token in the short, medium and long term in a stable and sustainable manner.

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