Car Tuning: Boost the performance of your car at an affordable price

Tuning is one of the commonly used words in our day to day activities, whenever we talk about our best friend we generally say, that we share the best tuning between ourselves and therefore there is no arguments between us. In simple words you can that tuning refers to proper coordination and mutual understanding between the two people. But, interestingly tuning is not restricted only between the mutual understandings of two persons, but also used at different places depending upon their functionalities.

Let us, for instance say, the car which is undoubtedly one of the highly expensive assets possessed by us and therefore when it comes towards its maintenance we do not leave any stone unturned in adopting the measures that are helpful in enhancing the performance of our beloved car. For most of the people performance of the car depends upon the functioning of its engine and therefore they only focus on its functionality.

Although is true to huge extent, but what are the factors which affect the performance of an engine, because despite of being the heart of any vehicle there are various factors which play an important role in improvising the performance of your car and the proper coordination between different components is known as Car Tuning.
But while driving a car, whether you are an expert driver or a novice you have to struggle with varied driving conditions including speed breakers, rugged roads, pot holes etc and as you cannot stop driving because of these reasons you are compelled to drive by making compromises with the performance of your car. Therefore, to enjoy a flawless performance of your car it is imperative for you to get your car properly tuned from time to time.

Interestingly, depending upon the driving conditions of the roads in different regions the tuning of cars is done accordingly by their original manufacturers. But, there are lots of car aspirants across the world that are not satisfied from the offered tuning of their car and want extra performance from their car and therefore they even do not hesitate in getting their car modified according to their expectations. Surprisingly, this trend of modifications in recent has gained momentum at jet dynamic speed throughout the world, and even the owners of luxurious cars like Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley etc are modifying the tuning of their cars to get more of them. And the more interesting feature of this modification is that most of the car owners are performing all these activities at their own end.

Today there are various groups which offer “Do it yourself kits” for enhancing the performance of the car. This might surprise to you, but this is true. This is mainly because of the technology used by the car manufacturer which facilitates the car owners to master their car according to their choice. It would be interested to know that the cars manufactured today are equipped with fuel injection engine which is controlled electrically through Engine Control Unit (ECU) that is determined with the help of software.

This software considers different aspects of engine performance, including flow of fuel, its timing etc. Therefore to re-determine the settings of the engine the remapping of ECU should be done.

It would be interested to know that going through the smart ECU system of cars of today’s generation, The remapping can be conducted with the help of on-board diagnostic port without touching the different components attached with the engine.

Along with the ECU remapping the tuning of car also revolves around the taking care of car’s fuel filter. The proper functioning of fuel filter not only helps in enhancing the fuel consumption figures of your vehicle, but also helps in enhancing the life of the engine. It would be better to keep watch of fuel filter and keep it replacing with the new fuel filter at regular intervals.

In simple words it can be said that the cars of today’s generation are smarter than their predecessors and to enjoy more from them you need also need to be smarter in equivalence to them.

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