Capital Area District Libraries joins the MITN Purchasing Group

Capital Area District Libraries joins MITN Purchasing Group

Capital Area District Libraries announced today that it has joined the MITN Purchasing Group, a regional purchasing group that helps local governments post, distribute and manage RFPs, quotes, addendums and awards online. BidNet’s MITN Purchasing Group provides notification to registered vendors of new relevant solicitations, and addenda and award information from nearly 200 participating agencies across Michigan.

Capital Area District Libraries joined the MITN Purchasing Group in October, becoming the 183rd participating local government agency utilizing the system to streamline the purchasing process. The MITN Purchasing Group is a single, online location for managing sourcing information and activities and provides local Michigan government agencies a method to minimize costs and time delays associated with the procurement process.

In joining, Capital Area District Libraries looks to save time, increase competition and achieve cost savings during the bid process. It now has access to an extensive vendor pool, thereby enhancing competition without increasing distribution costs. In addition to the existing vendors on the MITN Purchasing Group, all vendors looking to respond to bids with local government agencies can register online by visiting

CADL invites all current vendors not already registered on the purchasing group to do so today. Vendor registration is easy and takes only a few minutes online. Registered vendors can access bids, related documents, and addendum and award information. In addition, the MITN Purchasing Group offers a value-added service to notify vendors of new bids targeted to their industry, all addenda associated with those bids and advance notice of term contract expiration. A robust NIGP code category list allows vendors registering to find the correct codes and receive matched bids.

Vendors may register on the MITN Purchasing Group today at BidNet’s vendor support team is available to answer any questions regarding the registration process or the bid system at 800-835-4603 option 2.

Other local Michigan government agencies looking to switch from a manual bid process, please contact the MITN Purchasing Group for a demonstration of the no-cost sourcing solution.

About Capital Area District Libraries (CADL):

Capital Area District Libraries is a public library system with 13 branches and a mobile library, serving Ingham County, Michigan, United States. It was formed in 1998 by an agreement between Ingham County and the City of Lansing. CADL’s mission is to empower our diverse communities to learn, imagine and connect. Our goal is to make the phase “I didn’t know the library had that” obsolete.

About the MITN Purchasing Group:

The MITN Purchasing Group is a part of BidNet’s regional purchasing groups available at no cost to local government agencies. With years of input from procurement professionals, BidNet specifically developed the bid system to fill the need for a robust bid and supplier management solution for local government agencies. To learn more about the features and modules available to government agencies, please visit

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