Can You Trust Your Girlfriend If She Cheated on You With a Male Co Worker?

You’ve had to deal with something that you never really expected to have to deal with. It’s one of those things that you always assumed happened to other guys, but would not happen to you and your relationship. Your girlfriend cheated on you. Not only that, the guy that she cheated on you with just happened to be a male co worker and that makes it a little bit harder to deal with. You are starting to wonder if you are going to be able to trust her again. Especially because it was someone that she worked with and not just some guy that she met in a bar or at a night club. You are really unsure of what to do right now and this trust thing is really starting to get to you. Can you really trust your girlfriend if she happened to cheat on you with a guy that she works with?

Well, you have to kind of imagine what could happen in the future before you make your decision on this one. You have to imagine what it is going to be like if you find out 6 months from now that there is a guy that she is becoming friends with on the job. Already knowing that she was able to cheat on you before with a man that she worked with, would you be able to handle a situation like that? Would you be able to believe her if she told you that he was just a nice guy that she happened to be chummy with?

That is the kind of thing that you are inevitably going to have to deal with. Because a situation like that could very easily come up again. It’s something that you can’t just assume will not happen. And you have to try to hypothesize how you will be able to deal with it if she does end up being chummy with another male co worker.

The politically correct answer that you will hear most of the time in situations like this is for you to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she is not going to cheat on you again, especially if she came clean and apologized for what she did. I’ll be honest, that is still not exactly an easy thing to do. And it may not be the wisest thing that you can…

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