Can everyone wear silver? Or silver jewelry restrictions

Silver – an amazing metal that can bring huge benefits to its owner. Silver is widely used in a variety of magical rituals, as well as in daily use and in treatment. There are only few restrictions on silver jewelry wearing. This is, first of all zodiacal frames. For a number of zodiac signs, wearing silver jewelry is undesirable, such signs are those dominated by elements of earth and fire, and zodiac planets that can have negative influence are Mars, Sun and Jupiter. But from these rules there are many exceptions. Very often personal zodiacal “card” permits wearing jewelry made of silver, buy silver earrings.
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Silver jewelry will not fit to pragmatist and practitioner people, because this metal is more spiritual and emotional than physical. Therefore, for all people who leave in strict materialist frames, people who don’t have fine mental organization and are poor emotional, silver jewelry is contraindicated. Silver metal don’t like “character dryness” and can bring troubles to its owner. Firstly, while choosing silver for jewelry that you will wear constantly, or for making household items, it is important to take into account astrological characteristics of the person, or people who will communicate directly with this item.
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Accounting all owner’s astrological compatibility details is very important. If in silver jewelry are present gems, you need to take into account compatibility with them too. If all match correctly, this silver jewelry can heal you from diseases, because it can impact with our subtle energy shell. Silver jewelry will help you find spiritual harmony, bringing in you life more emotion and life, pushing the false values ​​of the background. The fact that silver metal can cope with diseases and illnesses, has long been known. No wonder in church rituals are used silverware. Silver can disinfect water, charge it with positive energy and revitalize human body, silver when is used properly can heal from most difficult conditions.

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