Buy Low to Save Money on Your Annual Grocery Bill

In a typical family household, spending on food and groceries adds up to a large sum of money on an annual basis.  Therefore the amount of money that you can save on what you spend at the grocery store over the course of the year can be significant.  One way to save on your annual grocery spending is to “buy low”.  What this means is buying extra grocery products when they offered at on an unusually low price such as the grocery store’s weekly loss leaders.  While this may actually increase your spending for a given week, you will save in the long term because the next time you need that product, you have already purchased it at a lower price.

When using this strategy, you need to pay very close attention to expiration dates, as you don’t want to purchase additional products if they are likely to be past their expiration date by the time you would need to purchase the product again.  You also should really only do this with food items and grocery products that you always use because you don’t save money at all if you buy an extra product and then never use it.  It is also vital that you keep your cabinets and cupboard very organized and be careful with your inventory control because if you end up overstocking on many items then again you may not then be saving money and it actually could cost you more money which is the opposite of what you were trying to achieve.

A few examples of food products where stocking up works well are beverages, cereal, canned goods, sugar, and frozen items.  I always buy extra two liters of Pepsi, Coke, or Royal Crown Cola when they are on sale and I try to keep enough around so that I never run out and therefore I never have to buy them at the regular price.  I have a shelf in the garage where I store them and it will hold up to twelve to fifteen two liters bottles but I never go much past that, as I only consume about two to three per week.  Meat is an item that can work as hamburger and chicken can almost always be frozen…

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