Building Intelligence Adds New Vehicle Security Inspection Module to SV3®Mobile

Mobile Vehicle Security Inspections from Anywhere

SV3® Mobile Includes Vehicle Security Inspection Module Providing Actionable Intelligence

Building Intelligence, a recognized leader in the security industry, released the newest version of its award winning SV3® Mobile with a Vehicle Inspection Module. For facilities that control vehicle access and inspect vehicles upon entry, SV3®Mobile allows the security officer to go through a task list, check progress, and permit/deny vehicle for entry.

The security officer is able to add notes to the results of the inspection report and tie it to the record for that access record. From the feed of a License Plate Reader, the SV3® Mobile application can populate a list of vehicles. From the list or manually, security officers can kick off an inspection looking for firearms, weapons, stolen goods, damages and check a driver’s license against a watchlist.

The purpose of SV3® Vehicle is to provide the facility operator a comprehensive secure access control system for vehicles, vendors and visitors. SV3® integrates into license plate readers, underground vehicle inspection systems and, of course, traditional access control (PACS).

If a security officer marks a positive finding in the inspection report, SV3 can integrate to an alert system sending a message in real time to a command center. Safety Act Designated by Homeland Security, SV3® Mobile is used at campus entrances, loading docks, vehicle inspection stations and at vehicle roadways.

SV3® generates a complete concept of operations that supports business operations, loading dock logistics and maintains records of security protocols generating a safe community.

“With the vehicle inspection feature embedded into our mobile applications, owners and operators are able to discovery and share actionable intelligence from anywhere. The decisions at the gate or at the loading dock have operational consequence, and good decisions are evidenced in a complete vehicle log. With SV3®, facility operators as well as security officers, enhance their situational awareness with a deeper understanding of what decisions are made and who made them. The accountability and visibility of an inspection process can be a key component in securing any facility.”

With new technology, SV3® Inspection is available through Integrators around the World. Pilots are available for qualified participants.

About Building Intelligence Inc.

Building Intelligence is a software company providing innovative technology solutions for security practitioners and building owners to manage visitors, vehicles and vendors. Building Intelligence Inc. is a privately owned business. The firm’s cloud-based solutions are uniquely positioned to provide the tools for managing visitors and vendors as they enter on foot through the front door or in a vehicle at the loading dock or parking area. The modular solution set is being widely adopted in many major metropolitan markets and being sold, deployed and supported by an authorized security systems integrator channel with expertise in the identity and access management domain.

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