Breast lumps without pain need to guard against breast cancer


The Lactating women have lumps in the breast. Many people believe that Row milk-poor deposition within the breast. It may be breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer increased rapidly in recent years. Breast cancer has become the most frequent malignant tumor of female especially in the developed regions. The women in the reproductive age have regular body check is very important for health. If you have found abnormalities in the breast, You should go to hospital. Pregnancy may lead to breast cancer cell growth rapidly.


First you need to check breast lumps, what is it. Breast tumors were divided into physiological and pathological tumor mass. Physical mass is a normal physiological phenomenon. Lactating women need not worry about it. Female hormones rapid growth during pregnancy. Female hormones make the breast tumor cells to grow rapidly. The best treatment time may be missed. Early breast cancer, mastitis, breast hyperplasia may cause breast lumps. Breast cancer lumps without pain, The texture is relatively hard. Mastitis lumps with local pain. Pregnant women have painless lumps need to guard against breast cancer. lumps is relatively soft. One sign of mastitis is crest cracked skin on the teethteats. Also, the adder udder becomes hot, painful and enlarged. In clinical studies, The patients were diagnosed with Breast cancer during pregnancy or after childbirth. Their cure rate is poor. These patients were cured is relatively easy to metastasis and recurrence. Hormone levels were significantly increased such as Estradiol, insulin-like growth factor and Progesterone, Especially in late pregnancy. Other studies showed that estradiol, a primary human estrogen, spurs the growth of existing estrogen-dependent breast tumors. The level of estradiol is double than the normal level. These hormones can promote Breast cancer cell growth, and is closely related to the development of breast cancer.


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