BrandWizard Introduces a Fully Managed SaaS Version of BrandCenter Running on the Cloud

The industry leader in digital brand management.

The explosive growth in digital campaigns across display, email, and social channels has made it increasingly challenging for organizations to deliver consistent brand experiences and ensure brand fidelity.

BrandWizard, the global leader in digital brand management, today announced the launch of a new, cloud-based version of its BrandCenter product suite. The updated version of BrandCenter significantly reduces the upfront time, resources, and costs required to deploy best-in-class brand governance. It also allows companies to tap into the full value of BrandWizard’s award-winning platform and its frequent product updates, all without having to purchase a perpetual software license.

Advanced Cloud Capabilities

BrandCenter has been completely reengineered to work natively on the Amazon Web Services environment. The latest version was designed with the needs of our global clients in mind: robust CDN capabilities, the capacity to selectively scale based on data demands in different countries, and the ability to manage regional variation in data privacy concerns.

Browser-based Image Transformations

With its URL-based API, BrandCenter now provides brand managers with the ability to manipulate images in a variety of ways, from simply scaling its size to applying complex artistic effects. Through a simple system of chained transformations, users can crop, scale, transcode, filter, and optimize their original high-resolution images on the go. They can also tailor transformations based on the viewing context or conditional parameters so each user gets the version that will work best for them.

Asynchronous Bulk Asset Upload Features

With the new Bulk Upload feature, uploading…

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