Boost your Fruit Intake this Year 2012

Everyone knows that the key to a successful New Year diet is to eat more fruit and vegetables, and Caraselle has several cooking accessories that help you do just that. One kitchen essential is the Mastrad Silicone Apple Cooker.

Put an apple or a pear into the silicone lidded pot, pop it in the microwave or oven and within minutes you have created a tasty low-calorie dessert. Imported from France, this Continental wonder is made of non-stick silicone that keeps the juice and flavors of the fruit intact. Try a combination of apple and blackcurrant or pear and berries. Or make your own mix of fruit to satisfy a sweet tooth when you are counting calories.

The Mastrad Silicone Apple Cooker is designed for use in both ovens and microwaves. Everyone needs the perfect cooking accessories in the kitchen. It is heat-resistant to 250c / 480f and completely dishwasher safe. Expansions in cooking accessories, it is a great investment for the New Year dieter. Be smart and do what is good for your health as well as lifestyle.


At this time of year, pineapples are cheap. At as little as £1 each they are tempting, but the bother of peeling and slicing them often puts people off. That is a shame because pineapples are delicious and a very healthy alternative to sugary snacks. Just be smart and take a right decision.

The easiest way to peel and slice a pineapple is with a Caraselle Pineapple Peeler. It peels and cores in one simple operation with no mess or waste. Wait until your pineapple turns golden-yellow, then you will know it is ripe. Cut off the crown and skewer the centre of the pineapple with the prong, move the two blades to fit the core and outer rind, and off you go. It is fully adjustable to any size of pineapple. Within seconds you will have a peeled and cored pineapple ready to eat as a nutritious, low-calorie dessert.

At the greatest point of utilization people might always desire to have perfect kitchen accessories in their homes. This year all the people…

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