Book Takes Sociological, Psychological Approach to Homosexuality

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Despite all kinds of efforts made by different people and groups, author Lloyd Duncan sees that the problem in dealing with homosexuality still exists. In his published book “RINGS of MISFORTUNE: Everything is Not Enough” (published by Xlibris), Duncan takes a realistic but sympathetic look at the problem. The book is set to have a new marketing campaign.

Published in 2004, the book is set in a small northern Arkansas town and follows the life of Jack Scott, who comes from a distinguished family and is considered as the town’s most impressive teenager. Jack is confused about his sexual identity after being seduced by an older, distant male relative. His problem is compounded when a career Marine sergeant becomes infatuated with him, along with terrible combat experiences. Suffering from complicated post-traumatic stress disorder, an older, straight corpsman tries to help him.

Duncan further explains that the book provides an understanding of the plight of gay military men in World War II, before they were accepted into the services. “There are also current discussions about causes, legal and religious implications, and treatment. I dealt with the problem while on active duty as a navy doctor. ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’, was passed about the time I began the book,” the author adds.

An excerpt from the book:

Butt naked was the only way to swim. My splayed fingers slid three inches below the surface in the clear water, and my lean muscular arms released trapped bubbles and plunged deeply in perfect synchrony with my whipping legs. Small undulating water plants and yellow-green, mossy rocks disappeared beneath me. A school of small fish feinted to the right, and then flashed to the left in a curved, silvery echelon.



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