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bodybuilding_training_routinesNow first of all I’d like to thank Lawrence for sending us his muscle growth tips, and you should really have a go at his bodybuilding workout routines revealed below…

You think you know better? Well I’ll be the judge of that, but I’d love to hear what you consider to be effective muscle growth tips, so if you want your bodybuilding workout routines published on my blog, then send them to [email protected] – so anyway, let’s get started…

“I have been training seriously for the past two and a half years, with reasonable progress until I hit a plateau in the past 6 months. After serious gains, going from 170 lbs. to 210 lbs., in 6 months, and then leaning up to 190 lbs. Once I hit there, I tried to increase my weight and the weights I was using, but I had hit a brick-wall (although with the supplements I was using previously – provided by Mick, I would have gone through the wall and come out the other side, but that’s a different story).

I had limited motivation and could find none in the magazines that I was reading (No Bull excepted). I thought that I would have to start using the puffy machines to gain some motivation, but then thought … NO WAY, I’M NOT A GIRL, ONLY WOMEN WHO DON’T WANT TO PUT ON MUSCLE USE MACHINES!

I started on a method of increasing my strength and my muscle mass at the same time. If you are hoping to read about some incredible routine that will give muscle mass and lean you up at the same time, this is not it. This routine will give you increased muscle mass, but not necessarily the lean part.

What you need to do is find your three-rep maximum, and also your six rep maximum. From there you can start the workout. Each time you do a set you will feel more powerful, and also quite tired, but you must continue. This bodybuilding routine should be used for a maximum of six weeks, and only every six months.

Routine 1 (Chest and Back)

Bench-press 1×3 (1×6), 1×3 (1×6), 1×3 (1×6)
Lat pulldowns 1×3 (1×6), 1×3 (1×6), 1×3 (1×6)


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