Bluebird Officially Launches an Integrated Business Solution Brand, BOS™

Bluebird, a global mobile computer manufacturer (CEO: Jang Won, Lee) has launched an integrated business solution brand BOS™.

The BOS™ will be demonstrated at Bluebird’s stand in the world’s largest retail exhibition NRF 2018 in New York. Bluebird has participated the NRF Retail’s Big Show every year to introduce new innovative products over the last decade.

The BOS™ is an abbreviation of ‘Business Optimizing Solution’; an enterprise-oriented solution providing total solutions from application development to the deployment of devices. The BOS™ is designed for enterprise’s specific needs maximizing the usability of products to utilize special features and tools to provide safe and efficient management of the devices.

The BOS™ is designed for IT-related professionals, experts and operators who are responsible for adopting new devices into a company or an organization. The primary solutions of the BOS™ includes BOS™SDK, BOS™ Extension, BOS™ Provisioning, BOS™ Staging, BOS™ VoIP, BOS™ Kiosk, BOS™ EMM and BOS™ TMS.

For better and faster device deployment, the BOS™ SDK provides tools enabling enterprise companies to develop mobile application more efficiently and provide development modules with extended functions including barcode scanning, RFID, fingerprint recognition and more.

The BOS™ Provisioning brings the ability to set up the devices for initial provision into the enterprises.

For reliable and easy-to-use communication platform, the BOS™ VoIP (Voice over IP) solution supports enterprise to utilize VoIP without any barriers in diverse workforces. Also, the BOS™ Kiosk and BOS™ Enterprise Keyboard are additional features for companies to meet the needs of special functions.

And the utility maximization, the BOS™ EMM solution provides security and control over mobile applications, contents and devices. The EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution is an answer for management and configuration of company-owned devices and brings your own devies.

Bluebird will continue to provide customized solutions that are tailored to the needs of corporate customers with its 22 years of solution development experience and global portfolios.

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