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Thanks to the development of technology that has led to the invention of e-cigs. Today, more and more people are switching from a cigarette pack to tech-cigarette called e-cigarette. It leaves no ash on the ashtrays, no ash on the eyes while driving, no nasty taste in the mouth, no smell and no tar. Most of all, smoking is not harmful anymore. Because of its novelty and health benefits, an e-cigarette is gaining popularity in the social media, social network and best e-cigarette forum.

E-cigarettes pose no health hazards to people when compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The smokers of tobacco cigarettes are at a risk of necking mild cough to fatal cancers and many other health hazards and potential diseases. The smoke that emits from a normal cigarette is very harmful as it contains nicotine and more than 5000 hazardous chemicals, which are even fatal to the smokers.

An e-cig does not burn any harmful substance instead it vaporizes the nicotine flavored e- liquid to give complete satisfaction to the smoker. This electronic device is used as an effective tobacco smoking cessation method and is found to be very useful. Due to its effectiveness e cigs have received plenty of good reviews from the users from different media and social networks. There are many especially dedicated discussion forums where smokers can post articles, start discussion and discuss their own success stories etc.

The regular smokers can use them in any public place since they do not harm the people around them. Unlike original tobacco cigarettes, the e- liquid vapor in e- cigs vanishes in the air so fast that it leaves no signs of smoking or smell. The regular smokers can use the electronic cigarettes even in public places because of their unique disposition. In addition, it leaves no smell or tar on the fingers and teeth. The smokers can choose their own strength and flavor from a list of e-liquids. They can choose anything from fruity flavor to tobacco flavor depending on…

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