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No body would have even thought about e cigs a few years ago. How did they gain quick acceptance in this ruling tobacco cigarette market? Today we can find millions of smokers who use e-cigarettes all over the world to satisfy their nicotine urge. It has become a part of the smoker’s life. The social media channels and best e-cig forums have magnetized the attention of the smokers and help encourage the use of this modern device instead of the hazardous tobacco cigarettes. Today the Internet has become a powerful platform for the users to express their opinion about e-cigs and there is also a wide network of e cig supports which has been built to achieve this goal.

E-cigarettes are gaining quick popularity with more and more people using them these days. They offer to be a very promising and effective substitute to tobacco smoking. They have no side effects like hazardous chemicals, bad odor, tar and most of it all they are environment friendly since they do not burn and leave any ash.

An e cig has revolutionized the world due to its promising benefits like:

  • Tobacco free and tar free: It is free of tar and tobacco and does not contain hazardous chemicals, which the normal tobacco cigarettes contain.
  • No odor and no smoke: The e-cig vaporizes the e-liquid which contains nicotine; hence, no smoke is produced. Instead, it leaves only vapor of e-liquid, which dissolves in the air very quickly. Moreover, it has no odor like the real cigarettes.
  • No discolored teeth: Since e cig contains no tobacco it does not stain the smoker’s teeth.
  • Complete satisfaction. It fulfills the nicotine urge of the smoker without any harmful effects. Since e-cigarettes mimic the original tobacco cigarettes both in appearance and qualities, the smoking urge is fulfilled.
  • There are no restrictions for this electronic device to use in public places like hospital and airports.
  • You can save a considerable amount of money because of its rechargeable and reusable features.
  • The smokers can…

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