Best 6 Cardio Exercises or Workouts

Cardio workouts or exercises include activities where you can move large muscles for few minutes and at the same time maintain increased heart rates. Besides, such exercises improve condition of heart as well as lungs so that blood as well as oxygen is circulated through the entire body efficiently. In order to get best results one requires exercising for at least thirty minutes for 5 days every week. The best idea to get it right is to join fitness training program in Sydney CBD, Melbourne, Queensland or any other place in Australia. Here are few popular cardio exercises that you can perform and improve your fitness to a great extent.


This activity is one of the convenient as well as simplest cardio exercise forms. Whether you are a fitness buff or just started exercising a few days back, you can be benefited from brisk walking. However, it is advisable that, as a beginner, you must start the exercise at slow pace and then intensify this activity after one or two weeks. In simple terms, you just have to put on walking shoes, go out and walk for miles. In this manner you can be fit and strong like never before.  

Running Activity:

Running seems to be quite convenient for people. Begin slowly and then try to run for long hours. Once you have adopted running techniques, you can vary your speed and take more challenges.

Aerobic Dance Training:

Most fitness classes in Sydney CBD, Canberra, Sunshine Coast or any other area in Australia give emphasis on different types of aerobic dance training. You have wide ranging options, right from less intensified activity to highly intensive dance forms.  Few classes incorporate diverse themes that include Latin dance form, belly dancing and others. Choose something that is best for your health, fitness goals and status of your injury.


Join special class for indoor cycling, ride stationary bike and take a trip on your bike on your locality. Indeed, cycling is one of the most popular cardio workouts. If you…

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