Benchmark Senior Living Employees in 7 States to Perform ‘1000 Radiant Acts of Kindness’ in June

Benchmark Senior Living “Radiant Acts of Kindness” cards will signal that a company employee “committed” a kind act.

Nearly everyone has heard of “random acts of kindness,” but Benchmark Senior Living employees are taking things up a notch by committing 1000 Radiant Acts of Kindness during the month of June in the towns and neighborhoods where their 54 senior living communities are located.

If someone lives near one of the employees or near a Benchmark senior living community, they might open their front door one morning in June and find a pot of flowers or the newspaper moved closer to the front porch with a little card saying “In honor of Benchmark Senior Living’s 20th anniversary, we are committing Radiant Acts of Kindness!”

“This is Benchmark’s 20th anniversary year,” says Tom Grape, the company’s founder and CEO, “and we want to give back to the communities and families that have supported our company’s growth since 1997. So, every one of our 54 senior living communities across seven Northeast states – as well as associates in our Waltham, Mass., home office – has committed to performing at least 20 Radiant Acts of Kindness during June in their local neighborhoods and towns.”

Why “radiant” instead of “random”?

“Our Benchmark mission is to Elevate Human Connection,” Grape says. “Connecting with people and putting them at the center of everything we do is what has set Benchmark apart for 20 years. Our 1000 acts won’t be random. They will be conscientious efforts to radiate kindness and make people feel good. They may even help restore belief in the goodness of those around them.”


Based in Waltham, Mass., Benchmark Senior Living is the leading provider of senior living…

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