Beautiful Bamburgh – Jewel of the Kingdom

Bamburgh is an ancient coastal town located on the North East Coast of England.  It was at one time at the very heart of the Kingdom of Northumbria and the imposing castle is still very much an integral part of the region, displaying the power that was once wielded from this ancient place. Cottages in Bamburgh offer spectacular views of the castle and the coastline here, across to Lindesfarne (Holy Island) in the distance. Everything about this beautiful place is filled with history, from the now exceptional beaches where once foreign invaders landed to the pretty cottages in Bamburgh some dating back a hundred or more years.

Head for the Beach

Far below the steep slopes of the cliffs on which the stunning 12th century castle is perched is one of the most spectacular beaches in the country. The beautiful windswept dunes that frame the beach are edged by clean soft sand; where once the invaders marched from their Viking longboats visitors now enjoy activities like surfing and wind surfing. This is one of those places that no matter where you are staying in the North east you just have to make a point of visiting. But there is no better way to enjoy this area than by renting one of the beautiful cottages in Bamburgh for yourself or your family.

Excellent Facilities

It is said that North Eastern hospitality is second to none and in any of the quaint tearooms and fine eateries here you will be able to experience it for yourself. Traditional dishes that use the very best in local produce will delight your taste buds and give you a true taste of the region.  If you do manage to over indulge in the tea shops there are plenty of walking trails along the coast that will help you burn it off as this is a great place for all things outward bound. Cottages in Bamburgh place you in the heart of this idyllic location and once you have been here once it is more than likely you will be looking at staying in cottages in Bamburgh again very soon.

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