Be Practical, Ask Questions: A Tent Rental Guide

Whether it’s for a wedding reception, a small conference, or a big family reunion, renting a tent is a convenient decision for an outdoor event. While you can find plenty of tent rental services to choose from, how can you decide which one to select? Despite the fact that there isn’t just one guaranteed solution, raising these five concerns could assist you to make the best decision.

How huge is the tent? This varies according to how many guests are arriving and if they’re going to move about or be seated. If tables are necessary, this can also have an impact on your decision to use a bigger tent. A general guideline is that the tent should have 10 square feet for every person, so you’ll need a 400 square feet-sized tent to accommodate 40 guests. Say the number of visitors you expect and check with the company if it has tents large enough to fit them.

What type of tent? This is linked to the earlier question. There are several sorts of tents out in the market, catering to a range of needs and preferences. You may opt for a small pole tent if it’s for a couple’s wedding, or a dome-sized canopy tent to fit plenty of visitors during a product launch.

Can we be ensured of convenience? Tents aren’t really hazardous on their own. Nevertheless, they could trigger a tremendous inconvenience if they unexpectedly collapse as a consequence of a mishap. Although improbable, it is wise to inquire the tent rental company about contingencies. A proficient tent rental provider anticipates and readies for potential unfortunate situations. Such a provider might enhance the tent’s base or keep fire extinguishers easy to get at in case a fire ensues.

Do you present other things? A lot of tent rental services present not just tents for small conferences or lavish events. Such services might also offer sound and lighting equipment, fog machines, and more, to to complete the event setup. All of these can add to your expenditure, so ask how much each rental will cost…

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