Backupify, A Datto Company, Announces Next Generation SaaS Backup For Office 365

If you’re using O365 today, you need backup. We recover the SaaS data a business needs, fast.

Backupify, the leading provider of cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, today announced the next generation of backup solutions for Office 365. The Backupify 2.0 release provides the most comprehensive protection for Office 365 and enables IT managers to ensure more effective business continuity across the enterprise.

Backupify 2.0 delivers customers rich, market leading features including true point-in-time backup for OneDrive, Exchange and SharePoint and enterprise wide discovery search across all protected users. Backupify 2.0 runs on an all-new architecture, enabling lightning fast performance regardless of the size of the environments being protected.

Point-in-time backups create a complete snapshot of users’ applications at a designated time, giving businesses the ability to effectively save incremental changes made to their critical data throughout their organization. Backupify’s point-in-time backup for OneDrive allows IT managers to combat ransomware attacks by restoring their SaaS data to any period before an attack occurred. With three automated daily snapshots of a customer’s entire Office 365 environment – and the ability to take more on demand – admins now have the ability to browse through specific dates and times of their application backups to export or restore data. This new functionality can restore or export individual files or an entire application data set, depending on the scenario. In addition, the product offers unlimited data storage at no additional cost.

“Whether an employee accidentally deletes a file, a user’s account is deprovisioned, or a company is attacked by ransomware and…

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