Author David Leonard’s New Book “The Whiskey Bottle Conversation” is a Window Into the Life of a Young Man Who Served His Country With Valor During the Second World War

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David Leonard has completed his new book “The Whiskey Bottle Conversation”: a history lesson taught through the dialogue between father and son on a snowy weekend. While warmth, compassion, and caring between two men are demonstrated throughout this book, the storyline is fascinating as Dick tells of his experiences growing up in small-town America and his adventures as he goes off to fight in World War II.

“When I was growing up, there would be occasions when my father, Richard Leonard, would tell me stories about some of his experiences in World War II. He served as a B-24 low-altitude bomber pilot in the Pacific Theater. As with most men that served in the war, he didn’t speak at great length, but what he shared with me, I found fascinating. Years turned into decades.

In 1995, while attending a funeral for the father of a friend of mine that had passed away, I came to the realization that I wanted to know more about my father’s life and experiences. I was forty-seven; he was seventy-five. So began our journey, our adventure.

His story takes the reader from 1920, when he was born in Georgia, to the end of 1945, when Japan surrendered. Through his uncanny ability of almost total recall of dates, names, and places, we are given a firsthand look at the experiences of a boy growing up in the early part of the twentieth century. Those experiences act as a blueprint for the man that joined the Army Air Corps to defend his country.

This book is not just Richard Leonard’s story. It represents the story of an entire generation—men and women who believed in the ideals and principles that their country stood for. When it came time to defend those principles, they were willing to fight and die for their beliefs. We shall be ever grateful for their…

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