Augason Farms Donates Emergency Food to Hurricane Victims

Augason Farms, an industry leading emergency food manufacturing company has donated over 35,000 individual emergency meals to victims of hurricanes and the widespread flooding that affected the gulf coast area. “We saw the need for immediate help and decided to step up to the plate and send some nutritious pre-prepared meals to the victims of these terrible disasters,” stated Augason Farms president, Mark Augason. “We plan to continue our donation program throughout the month of October.”

In addition to donations to local food banks and charitable organizations in the Houston and gulf coast area, Augason Farms has also worked with FEMA to increase their supply of emergency food supplies. “FEMA needed more food than they had pre-stocked, so they contacted us because they know that we are not only a distributor of emergency food, but that we actually manufacture all of our own products and can increase production capacity when needed,” Mark added. Augason Farms’ 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant has the capability to produce thousands of emergency meals per day.

For more information about the Augason Farms donation program, or to learn how you can participate in the giving, visit their website at: “We hope that people take this tragedies as a warning and begin to create their own emergency food storage programs. We also encourage them to formulate and discuss their own family’s emergency evacuation plans and to be ready for any possible situation,” Augason concluded.

Augason Farms is a Salt Lake City based company founded in 1972 by Phil Augason and has been a leading innovator in the formulation and manufacture of good tasting nutritious emergency foods for over 40 years. Their product line contains over 300 individual items and numerous combined product kits that contain food supplies for people numbering from one to 100.

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