As Seen in Peer to Peer Magazine, Intelliteach Offers “Upgrading to Windows 10 and Office 2016 for Law Firms” Guide

Intelliteach, today’s leading global provider of professional outsourcing solutions for law firms, shares guide, “Upgrading to Windows 10 and Office 2016 for Law Firms”. Having hardware and software programs up-to-date is a necessary component of any functioning Information Technology Department, and this guide helps mitigate the impact on productivity.

Intelliteach has put themselves in the shoes of their customer and created a comprehensive guide to complete the upgrade process. The guide outlines precautions you should take before install such as reviewing your document management system, if you should consider a hardware refresh, and selecting a pilot group of participants. It also goes through the steps you should take while upgrading including additional support and customer training. Intelliteach has also outlined some common issues you may face while going through the process.

“Making sure you are prepared by reviewing the updates beforehand, anticipating customer needs and educating your customers on changes, are the keys to a successful new technology rollout,” says Craig Friedl, Chief Operations Officer, Global IT Support Service.

About Intelliteach

Intelliteach is the leading global provider of intelligent outsourcing solutions to more than 300 firms in the legal and accounting markets. We specialize in Accounts Receivable Management, IT/Help Desk Support, SkillBuilder eLearning and Software Solutions. Intelliteach’s clients on average have experienced a 10X return on their investment and/or reduced overall operating expense by more than 30%, all while improving quality of service which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. With focus on providing secure, scalable solutions enabled by best in class technology platforms our multi service solutions help to position law firms for financial success by allowing them to emphasize long-term practice growth strategies and transformative law practices. See what’s next with Intelliteach at

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