Arthur Hammond: Baby Film Star – Internet Sensation with 50,000 Hits a Month (Pictures)

With the aim of creating an album of Arthur’s greatest hits for when he’s old enough to appreciate the actual films, British mom and author Emily Cleaver has made her six-month-old baby Arthur Hammond become an internet sensation with baby film spoofs from his blog named “Arthur Creates Scenes From Classic Movies”. This blog gets more than 50,000 hits a month. “I don’t know whether he will think they are cool or be terribly embarrassed.” Emily Cleaver said.

It is necessary to emphasis that these lovely photos recreating classic scenes from the big screen are taken thanks to a little help from his mother, Emily Cleaver. From the safety of his home in Oxford, little Arthur Hammond has appeared in a headband of Rambo, behind crib bars with a poster of Raquel Welch like Tim Robbins in “The Shawshank Redemption,” and covered with fluttering rose petals like Mena Suvari in “American Beauty.” Sharing about Arthur Hammond’s reaction, his imaginative mum Cleaver said: “Arthur enjoys all the attention when he is doing the scenes and likes it when I take his photo,” and “He is a very happy, smiley baby.”

An adorable six-month-old baby Arthur Hammond has become an Internet sensation by recreating iconic movie scenes by posing with household props to spoof classic movies including “Rambo”

Arthur Hammond may not understand the films but he is truly enjoying his brief moment in the limelight. Here Arthur recreates a scene from “Alien” where he plays actor John Hurt with the alien emerging from his chest

Arthur is covered in rose petals in this take on the classic fantasy sequence as Mena Suvari in “American Beauty”

With the help his mother Emily Cleaver, little Arthur plays chess with death in “The Seventh Seal”

Starting a blog for Arthur Hammond, Emily Cleaver never expected there is this level of response. The simple thing is that her friends found Arthur Hammon’s images funny on Facebook.

Athur does “Close Encounters…

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