Arizona State University Appoints Joseph C. Cosgrove to Board of Trustees

Pentec Health, Inc., a leader in personalized sterile compounding and manufacturing, shares that Dr. Michael M. Crow, President of Arizona State University, announced that the university has acted favorably on the nomination of Joseph Cosgrove to the Trustees of ASU. Mr. Cosgrove’s appointment to the Board was formally announced at a meeting held in New York on June 5, 2017. He will also be the Board’s “Ambassador/Liaison” to Sun Devil Athletics. The prestigious advisory board was established by Dr. Crow in 2013 as part of his master plan to further reinforce ASU’s position as a global leader among academic institutions. Drawing on the experience and expertise of its members the Board strives to influence ASU positively and in keeping with Dr. Crow’s vision of the “New American University.”

The Trustees of ASU is comprised of a distinguished and diverse representation of leaders in various academic, professional and business disciplines. Board trustees offer the University a unique perspective on relevant academic, administrative, philanthropic and management issues gleaned from their experiential skill sets. Dr. Crow publically endorsed Joe Cosgrove and lauded him as a successful leader in the healthcare industry, demonstrating innovative and entrepreneurial traits, and as an ardent supporter of ASU’s mission and vision.

Mr. Cosgrove acknowledged the appointment stating his appreciation and continued support and dedication to ASU’s short and long term goals and ideals. He stated, “In my business career I have learned the value of courageously challenging the status quo, of fostering innovation and of encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit. The need for agility and adaptability is also essential. Clearly, there are direct parallels with Dr. Crow’s strategic objectives; it is this personal…

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