ARCHICAD Expert Eric Bobrow Announces MASTER ARCHICAD 21 Campaign with Brand New Training and Upgraded MasterTemplate

ARCHICAD Expert Eric Bobrow

These new resources for ARCHICAD 21 are designed to enable users to use Best Practices methods and get the most out of this powerful BIM software.

Graphisoft has just released ARCHICAD 21, a substantial upgrade to their flagship BIM software. Changes to the program provide new opportunities for efficiency in Building Information Modeling (BIM) for architectural projects, while requiring changes in methodology.

ARCHICAD expert Eric Bobrow has a long history of working with users as a leading reseller, consultant, author and trainer. His add-on product MasterTemplate is the most widely used independent office standard for ARCHICAD users, with over 1400 licenses sold in over 60 countries. In continuous development since 2007, MasterTemplate 21 is being substantially reworked and expanded to better utilize features and functions of ARCHICAD 21 and support Best Practices methods in the project file structure.

Bobrow will be producing two educational programs this year focused on helping users take full advantage of the new release of ARCHICAD. His ARCHICAD 21 Upgrade Training course will run for 4 live online webinar sessions during July and August, teaching how to upgrade projects and templates as well as how to use the latest technology built into ARCHICAD in an effective and efficient manner.

MASTERS of ARCHICAD 2017 is a joint production with ARCHICAD experts Tim Ball (UK architect) and Andreas Lettner (Austrian architect), both veteran users and internationally respected teachers. In this ground-breaking collaboration running over a 9 month period, a complex design (60+ room hotel on a sloping hillside in Austria adapted from a real-world project) will be developed from…

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