APS-Certified CAE Upset Training Instructors In Action for U.S. Army in Alabama

APS-CAE Upset Recovery Training

The Grob 120TP is the new primary training aircraft used by APS to train all U.S. Army fixed-wing aviators in upset prevention and recovery techniques.

Developing the flight skills and instructional capabilities necessary to become an APS-certified UPRT instructor are some of the most challenging and demanding experiences an instructor pilot will face in their career…

Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS) announced today that the first group of CAE instructors have graduated training and are actively delivering APS Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) as part of the U.S. Army Fixed-Wing Flight Training program in Dothan, Alabama. CAE’s inclusion of APS’ UPRT program for Army fixed-wing training will serve to comprehensively reduce the risk of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), the primary cause of aircraft fatalities worldwide. This LOC-I training solution is accomplished through a proven program which prepares Army pilots to better recognize, prevent, or if needed, recover from an unintended airplane upset.

APS’ UPRT program is part of the thorough, expertly integrated U.S. Army Fixed-Wing Flight Training program that includes academic, simulator and live-flying training. CAE instructors who graduate the APS’ UPRT Train-the-Trainer program will conduct upset training at CAE’s new Dothan Training Center located at the Dothan Regional Airport in Alabama.

The APS-CAE UPRT program features real world on-aircraft training in the Grob G120TP turboprop fully-aerobatic training aircraft and simulator-based UPRT in four CAE 7000XR Series C-12 King Air FFSs. The CAE C-12 full flight simulators integrate all-new UPRT Instructor Operating Station (IOS) enhancements–powerful instructor…

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