Apple Rehab Mystic Ensures its Residents are not Forgotten at Christmas

Apple Rehab Mystic

Many of our residents do not have family and this was a great way to spread cheer to all and remind them they are not forgotten at Christmas.

In the spirit of the holiday season and giving, Apple Rehab Mystic recently presented its residents with Secret Santa presents. “The residents don’t always get to leave the building, so we need to bring Christmas to them,” said Barbara Millerick, Recreation Director of Apple Rehab Mystic.

Each Apple Rehab Mystic employee that participated in Secret Santa signed up for a resident and purchased a small gift for them. “Many of our residents do not have family and this was a great way to spread cheer to all and remind them they are not forgotten at Christmas,” noted Wes Downing, Administrator of Apple Rehab Mystic.

Added a resident of Apple Rehab Mystic about a fellow resident receiving a gift, “I knew he was happy because he was smiling, laughing and asking me to help him open his gift. He was like a little kid tearing the wrapping paper off!”

Apple Rehab Mystic blends superior programs and services with contemporary healing environments, providing an unparalleled rehabilitation experience. Apple Rehab also promotes an individualized approach to care using the latest advancements in rehabilitation and nursing care.

About Apple Rehab Inc.

Apple Health Care is the nation’s leading privately held nursing home company. Consumer Reports has rated Apple Rehab as the best for-profit long-term care company in America. Developed by leading experts in the rehabilitation and skilled nursing industry, Apple Rehab Mystic was designed to meet the needs of today’s post-operative patient. For more information, please call Apple Rehab Mystic at (860) 536-9655, or visit

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