ANGO releases “SynCryp” and “SynCryp Viewer”, allowing users to quickly grasp crypto market insights

<What is ANGO Project>

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly being used as a new type of store of value, and a mean of fundraising in the form of an ICO. However, some ICOs have not delivered on their promises, and cryptocurrencies in general are still seen as unsafe and too volatile by the wider public. To dispel such images, the ANGO Project will issue cryptocurrency tokens, with functions that have not been seen before, and launch related products and services. In the first phase, ANGO will release SynCryp and SynCryp Viewer. However, in the long-run, it aims to propel a much wider adoption, and safer usage of cryptocurrencies.

<About SynCryp>

SynCryp is a set of cryptocurrency indices that reflect distinct market trends of different segments. Cryptocurrency indices are similar to those for equities, hence they fluctuate according to day-to-day transactions of constituent cryptocurrencies around the world. ANGO developed four indices; Core, LargeCap, MidCap and ICO.

Core: SynCryp Top 5 coins based on market cap

LargeCap: Top 10 coins based on market cap

MidCap: Top 10 to 30 coins based on market cap

ICO: Top 10 Ethereum based coins

<About SynCryp Viewer>

SynCryp Viewer offers crypto market insights at a glance. Viewers are able to get overall market trends as well as the trends of distinct segments such as smaller or upcoming cryptocurrencies, and ICO coins. In addition, it offers basic statistics and prices of constituents of each index, so the user can easily see which cryptocurrencies have been driving the growth, and which ones are stalling it. The four indices are developed based on market cap and the specific liquidity rule in order to truly reflect distinct market trends. Furthermore, SynCryp Viewer plans to offer market reports and develop other indices.

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<Future Developments>

Similar to SynCryp Viewer, ANGO plans to continue creating new cryptocurrency-related products and services in the future as well.

<Introduction of Shinji Kimura>

“Graduated from Tokyo University. After working as a strategy consultant at Dream Incubator Inc. and serving as a director at Cirius Technologies, Shinji founded Atlantis Inc. Following the acquisition of Atlantis by Gree Inc., he served as CEO of Gunosy Inc. and led the company to their IPO in April 2015. Since leaving his position as CEO (as of today, he has returned as a director), he has worked as an angel investor and invested in various startups across the globe. In June 2016, Shinji founded AnyPay Inc.

<Inquiries regarding the Press Release>


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PR Manager: Risa Nakane

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