Alliance Storage Technologies Responds To Recent WannaCry Ransomware Attack

“The question you must ask yourself is, ‘will patches be available fast enough and can I have them installed in time?’”

The magnitude of the most recent ransomware attack, WannaCry, raises awareness to an increasing threat on data security. WannaCry is one of the largest widespread ransomware attacks in history. Affecting over 150 countries and major corporations, the business impact and cost is astronomical. In the case of WannaCry specifically, the malware (malicious software) demands that the victim pays a ransom of $300 in bitcoins at the time of infection. If the user doesn’t pay the ransom within three days, the amount doubles to $600. After seven days without payment, WannaCry will delete all of the encrypted files and all data will be permanently lost.

Every week new security vulnerabilities are exploited where malicious ransomware software, commonly gaining access via malware, attacks the user and corporate systems, holding critical business data hostage from access until a ransom is paid by the user. No one is immune to these attacks.

Ransomware will typically encrypt the actual data, master file system and/or entire hard drives. Once encrypted, the user must pay the ransom to receive a decryption key to regain access to their data. And if not paid, the data is then locked and lost forever.

How to secure and protect critical business data from ransomware attacks

In order to reduce risk of such attacks, it is imperative to ensure all systems are updated with the latest software security patches. ”Unfortunately, there are always new vulnerabilities that are exposed and will be exploited by ransomware developers,” said Bill Gallagher, Director of Sales at Alliance Storage Technologies, “The question you must ask…

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